Quel neo-marketing da rivalutare e rinominare

Nonostante una buona parte dei laureati in economia voglia lavorare ‘nel marketing’ -qualunque cosa significhi-, essere marketer è abbastanza impopolare, e in più devi anche subirti tutti i giorni gli attacchi di Beppe Grillo (1)(2)(3). Il quale dovrebbe -forse- leggersi anche questo articolo prima di. L’articolo è un manifesto, e lo quoto quasi per intero.

Tutti contro di noi…

It’s so trendy to diss marketing. Especially if you’re in engineering, product design, or virtually anything but marketing. […] The late (and brilliant) comedian Bill Hicks was an early adopter of the “all marketing is evil” meme: “By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. […]

…ma in fondo siamo tutti marketer.

I was about to protest, “Dammit Jim, I’m a programmer, not a marketer!”

But that would be a lie. In this new open-source/cluetrain world, I am a marketer. And so are you. If you’re interested in creating passionate users, or keeping your job, or breathing life into a startup, or getting others to contribute to your open source project, or getting your significant other to agree to the vacation you want to go on… congratulations. You’re in marketing. Now go kill yourself.

The word “marketing” (and by extension, “marketers”) has a bad rep for sure, as does “advertising” and “PR”. But they all share a common goal–connecting buyers and sellers. Isn’t that what we’re doing?

Except with a Find and Replace:
becomes–> “readers” or “users” or “community participants”
“Sellers” becomes–> “authors” or “developers” or “organizations”

As Guy Kawasaki puts it, we’re selling the dream.

Vecchio marketing o neo-marketing?

But the difference between what we now consider “old-school marketing” (otherwise known as The Four P’s — product, price, promotion, and placement — heavy on advertising and “branding”) and the “neo-marketing” we’re doing here is frickin’ huge.

Here are a few ideas on some of the differences (clicca sull’immagine per vedere la tabella):

*See this Brandautopsy blog post on a brand hijack, or check out the book.
**Real is relative to the desires and perceptions of the user. And who’s to say that taking better photos won’t in fact lead to more sex?
***rhymes with “hit”

Cambiamo il nome?

[…] there’s still the problem of the word “marketing”. We need a word that distinguishes the kinds of things we (developers/programmers, ministers, realtors, authors) do from old-school traditional marketing. I just don’t know if the marketing-averse among us can rehabilitate that word… it’s been too heavily associated (framed) with old-fashioned, negative, sleazy and inauthentic practices (even if much of that was a misconception… doesn’t matter).

My “neo-marketing” label is just lame. Open Solaris’ Laura Ramsey and I were talking about it this weekend, and she came up with an alternative that might be a good contender: Modern Attraction. We’re not marketers, we’re attractors. […]

Others have come up with replacement phrases as well, but none seem to have truly taken hold, and the word “conversation” isn’t enough. […] If framing it with a new word/phrase helps, perhaps that’s a better approach than trying to give the word “marketing” a massive makeover.

Un po’ di orgoglio, sù!

Remember — when people are passionate about something, and in a state of flow–and you have contributed to that by helping users/members learn and grow and kick ass–these are some of the happiest moments in their lives. Trying to promote more of that is something we should feel wonderful about, not guilty.

PS: pare che Altroconsumo stia cercando un Marketing Specialist. Forse un neo-marketing Specialist.

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